What do you believe?

Everyone was so angry with what Jesus had said that everyone else in the temple “led him to the brow of the hill on which their town had been built, to hurl him down headlong”(Luke 4:30).

He was alone in the synagogue considering all that Jesus had said that day — from his reading of Isaiah, to saying the scripture was fulfilled in their hearing, and then telling everyone that no prophet is accepted in his own native place, but that his message was for everyone. That’s what really upset the crowd.

Suddenly, he noticed Jesus walk into the temple. He went to where he sat to pick something up. Their eyes met. Jesus smiled and walked over.

“How did you?”

“Get passed them? I passed through the midst of them. They were so caught up in their anger and righteousness that it was easy to pass unseen.”

The young man didn’t know what to say.

“And you, why didn’t you follow the crowd?”

He shook his head. His eyes on Jesus, “You are different. I can’t say exactly that I understand, but I’m not sure how to react just yet. So I didn’t.”

Jesus nodded approvingly and came closer and sat down.

“What do you want of me?”

Again the young man shrugged his shoulders.

They both looked up. In the distance they heard the crowd returning. The young man looked at Jesus with panic, but was returned with a stare of calm, peace, and surety.

“When you are ready, come, follow me.”

Jesus placed his hand on the young man’s shoulder, “Peace be with you.”

He stood up and walked out of the synagogue and went away.

** ** **

What is our expectation of Jesus? Do we treat him like a prophet in his own native place that we fail to see his work around us or have faith in His presence among us?

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