Two Sides of the Coin

On one side: Blessings

“Treasure of every kind, material or not, is a gift from God, given to be shared and not hoarded. Trust in God rather than a stockpile of personal resources is the source of our salvation. Wickedness is not  always overt: the neglect of simple kindness, great or small, kills as surely as open violence” (Magnificat, March 2014, pg 292-293).

Every encounter we have with another person is an opportunity to bring God’s love, compassion, mercy. Do I take the time to be present even in the small chance encounters?

On the other side: Treasure

“It is easy to look on the gifts of others as a threat. We often want what we don’t have, and in doing so forget the good that God has given us. But wanting what is not rightfully ours is the root of many serious sins. Let us instead look at how generous God has been to us and rejoice in his generosity to others. For this is the way to justice and happiness” (ibid, pg 312-313).

I am reminded of a saying, “if you want to get rich quickly, count your blessings.” Let’s worry less about what other people possess and more on the generositybof Our Lord in our lives. Blessings abound.

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