Listen to Him

Last week, as we entered Lent, Jesus was led to the desert; dry, hot, and barren. This week we are led up the mountain to pray (Luke 9:28-36). Up here we are provided a glimpse of Jesus’ divinity. It is dazzling. So much so the disciples did not want to leave. They delayed the descent until ‘a cloud came and cast a shadow over them’ and a voice said, “This is my chosen Son; listen to him.”

mountains above white clouds under blue sky

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I’m certain we have had at some point in prayer and daily life an experience like that of the disciples. An experience a kin to standing on top of a mountain. It is a consoling feeling one filled with deep gratitude and assuredness that the next leg of our pilgrimage is going to be okay. We can continue the journey confidently.

The most difficult part is moving off the mountain. Letting go of this treasured experience can be hard because soon it will fade into the background forgotten and the ordinariness of the journey overwhelms us. But continue we must, especially during Lent. We must continue our journey to another mountain, one where true sacrifice must be made, but where true consolation and salvation never leaves.


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That’s why the last words strike me, “listen to Him.” As we continue our journey let us do just that to approach reverently where our pilgrimage leads us.

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