Recover with Inspiration

Running is, in my humble opinion, one of the best forms of exercise. Lacing up and hitting the open road for a long steady run is akin to the opening of the BIG present. It is when I can set an hour or more aside for hitting the road, open the stride, let the lungs take deep breaths of the wide open air and feel the body move smoothly across the pavement or crushed gravel and earth. A time to think. A time to pray.

The Loop — Ormond Beach, Florida

It is not uncommon for there to be moments when rest is required. Perhaps you’ve completed the big race and you need to rest before you start the next training program. Perhaps you are injured. It happens. It’s okay. Being bipedal running is a natural instinct. Along with it can come injury or dare I say, runners fatigue. Mile upon mile can add up and the body becomes weary. You lace up but don’t ‘feel it.’ You wonder, ‘what’s the point?’ Sometime we can add mile upon mile to the point of weariness.

Rest. Recovery. Time out of the shoes and on the couch. These are not the easiest of times. Yearning to hit the road can set in within twenty-four hours. We must respect the value and necessity rest and recovery has in training. I admit. Waiting can be hard. If you are going to hit that couch, like I did most recently, then recover with some inspiration. And if that couch happens to be in front of a television with access to programming, there are a few programs I’ll recommend to nourish your running spirit. I’ve embedded the trailers for your enjoyment. They are not longer than three minutes. It should be enough to inspire you back on your feet…or to watch the documentary, which will surely inspire you!

Chariots of Fire

This is a classic running film. It is an adaptation of the real lives of two athletes from England in the 1924 Olympics and how they approach the sport of running in the context of their faith and the times within which they live. Not only do you get a taste of running before running was mainstream, it provides a rich historical context with a focus on athletes of different faiths.

City Slickers Can’t Stay With Me: The Bob Larsen Story

This documentary recaps the career of running coach Bob Larsen over the last fifty years. If you ever ran cross country or track in high school or college you will appreciate the historical look back and remember fondly of your time in this great sport. You will also be inspired by the runners’ success under his tutelage and sure to find the patience and ability to get back on the road when the time is right.


Watching runners go far beyond what I’m capable of at this point is always inspiring. This documentary of Luke Bollschweiler and his attempt to break a record of running a 77-mile section of the Appalachian trail is enjoyable and inspiring. It is fun to watch and leaves you wondering….can I do that?

Desert Runners

4-Deserts — an annual series of four 155 mile races across deserts around the world. This documentary follows the experience of four non-professional runners (now we’re talking) attempt to complete the 4-Deserts. It provides a view on the human endeavor to take on such a feat while taking in some breath taking vistas of some of the most amazing eco-systems on the planet.

Running for Good

This documentary was quite surprising on many levels. It follows the running journey of Fiona Oakes in her attempt to set a new global record in endurance racing, but to also compete in the ‘toughest footrace on earth.’ What really drew me in was the seemingly simple call to run, which not only seemed impossible given numerous medical issues growing up, but also the way she stumbled into running and into a passion that suits her.

Rest. Recover. Enjoy.

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