Love Is In The Air

He paced the small stretch of sandy beach on the island. His hands dug deep inside the pockets of his white linen pants. Five months ago he found the note in the bottle. He waded quickly into the water to snatch it up before the current could take it back out. After running back to shore he sat down in the sand. He flipped the cork out and impatiently shook the bottle to loosen this now fourth note received from her. Slowly he unfolded it and began to read her note. Like sweet chocolate the poetry of her prose tasted rich to his soul and his heart swooned in love. He reached into his satchel for his pad and pen and wrote a corresponding love letter leaving no emotion hid. He folded the note and slipped it into the bottle. He secured the cork, stood up and with all his might he threw that bottle as far as he could. The current caught it and took it back out to sea. That was five months ago.

He fret as he paced across the shoreline. The summer sun beat down. Though the shade of the palm tree was so enticing he couldn’t risk missing the bottle. He kept his eyes to horizon. It wasn’t long when he saw a glimmer of glass kiss a sunbeam and within moments the bottle rushed up on shore. He ran, picked it up and retreated to the shade of the palm tree. This time he slowly opened the bottle and eased the note out and into the palm of his had. Slowly he unrolled it and read the note:

“Look up!” 🙂

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